Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leavin on a Jet Plane

Get thee to Ireland! Here is the unedited version I found of this poem I wrote one time. I like it well enough. How about you?

Imagine a country, an island
an unknown city or town.
It is known to you only in dreams;
it exists somehow, somewhere, someway.
You know for sure because someone lives there
someone you care for, but dare not more.
What is a friend?
Can you make friends with a place?
Your place is green.
Green streets, green leaves, green sleeves,
green cheeks, smiles, feet.
Even the sky is green
at twilight
when the grass longs for the tender touch of the sun.
Does the moon shine as bright in your Green?
Do you see the same moon that I see,
the same celestial man gaping at me in surprise?
Is he in awe of you, too?
Questions remain unanswered, like a lost letter.
The sender is confused—frustrated, rejected—
when really you never got the message at all.
I sent it across the fickle sea to Green
with a trusted tattooed sailor.
But I wrote it on a lime
and maybe he needed to ward off
that disease where you need to eat citrus.
Two islands separated by much more than
We don’t speak the same language, not really.
Our respective words are loaded,
neither of us fully understanding the other
or our own selves, for that matter,
but unfortunately, there is no guide-book for Green.
This Green—I dream it, but can’t get it quite right
for my dreams are in grayscale, black and white.
I must see it, breathe it, touch it, taste it
I want to feel Green in between my toes,
way down deep in my belly.
Does it taste like grass or heaven?
Someday you’ll show me.
I’ll wish upon both our moons,
I’ll send another lime
tied up with a black velvet band.
You’ll cross the heavy sea,
bringing Green to my doorstep.
I’ll say you’re a silly man,
carrying that big island in your pack
and you’ll say
that’s what friends are for.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

Sleepy June

I can find your lips by heart
in the dark
if I close my eyes.
It's not too hard--

if I slip my arms around your
nautical shoulders
when I felt bolder
It's not too much

to ask if I slide my legs
with a sigh
and entangle them with your thighs
What if

I had one wish
crossed my fingers at 11:11
as a star flew by
and the candles blew out

I'd ask for you to be
whispering with me in between
these sheets that have only known me

Big spoon, little spoon
no cow, but definitely the moon
Now he is in awe of us, two
Take me back to Green

in my dreams
to a neat little town
behind the moon,
beyond the rain
Strings of lyrics now
unstrung and restrung
strumming a lullaby
as I  f a  d   e     a     w      a       y
to sleep
where I'll be seeing you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I liked this quote today.

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you can learn to appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so that you can learn to trust no one but yourself. And sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Word to the Wise

I've gotten pretty good at cutting people out of my life who have hurt me: my count is up to four to date.  What does this say about me?  If someone really knew me, I think they would say that it means that I have been too open, too trusting, too naive with people that I don't know from Adam.  In the past, I have welcomed unknown people with open arms and allowed them to get to know me deep down before I really knew if they were trustworthy. I have served up my heart on a platter for them to do with what they choose, friends and romantic interests alike. Four of these people turned around and either handed it right back to me, or proceeded to stomp on it and hurt me deeply.

Going forward, I know now that I should be less naive about the ways of the world.  I think that it's good to take risks, but it's also healthy to reevaluate those risks and take a step back.  It's worthwhile to be a little cautious in making new friendships and forging new relationships, because what do you really know about these people, anyway?  Going forward, it is important to remember that people can talk a big game, but I should let their actions speak for who they truly are.  I want to remember to go with what my gut feelings tell me, because they are more often right than not. I shouldn't let fear of getting hurt again rule my interactions with the world, but I also should not throw caution to the wind.

High School Poetry: Part Trois

Dance of the Memory Kittens

her pink nose twitches.
the scent of your sweet cologne
permeates her nostrils.
the minuscule rosebud points to heaven
sniffing around in the dark for you.

fluffy white puff balls
bat the black yarn back and forth
pounding the inside of my skull,
a taunting metronome
pulsing your name:
a bitter waltz.

one, two, three
one, two, three
Dance of the memory
cloaked in the black silky strands
that my fingers once caressed.
the pads of their feet,
your skin.

c'est tout.
I applaud
but the kittens will give no encore,
their mouths pursed in the same way
your tender lips once were when your face
fa d  e   d     a     w      a       y
into the dark recesses of my mind.

my fingers reach out
slowly, gently, so as not to alarm,
not to disturb their steady purring,
the droning stream of prickly memories.
Just one touch will surely
smooth their coarse manes.
But those fickle felines
with their fickle hearts
elude my grasp which proves too harsh.

High School Poetry: Part Deux

You Are Now Entering the Supermarket Zone

It is freezing in here!
summer and I'm wearing two
inside this ice box that is
literally hell
frozen over.

I'm nowhere near the frozen food section.

The incessant ding of this
cash register that
never fails to
shut down
in the middle of a
HUGE purchase
is driving me
up the Metfood wall.

It's 3:00. I close at nine.

Today, a blue haired lady
turned the same shade while
yelling at me for ringing up
cucumbers instead of zucchini.
I'd tell ya where you can put your
green vegetable, lady, if only I could
while keeping this friendly smile
plastered on my face.
See?  Have a nice day!

$5.50 an hour for this? Might as well get nothing.

I'm squinting.
But no sunlight can penetrate this cave
filled to the brim with packaged,
processed, why-don't-they-just-chew-it-for-you-too
Oh, wait.
It's just the fluorescent lighting
reflecting off the shiny surface
of my boss's bald head.
The same boss who waves me
out into the pouring rain
to retrieve shopping carts
at 8:00 on Sunday night.

No one is going to need one.

There's a line
out the door
to jump into my spot.
Why would anyone subject
herself to this?
I didn't even get paid
for my training.
You know what,
that's it.
I'm throwing in the towel,
hanging up my apron,
grease stains and all
for the very last time.
Screw you, baldy!
I'm going to work at
Pizza Heaven.

High School Poetry: Part Une


Unzip the zipper of your sternum
and step outside.
Examine your soul,
black with the smoke
and cheap beer you feed it;
An emaciated child
from Ethiopia
for your repentance
for absolution
for His big O.K.

His ribs stick out
stretching the skin
over his gaunt torso,
the chaste bones itching to
perforate their leathery package
of sin wrap and false foil.
The outline of his teeth indent
his sunken cheeks;
He's a shadow of who he used to be,
a mere sketch
of who he was to become.

Now unbutton the skull.
Grab hold of your potential,
or what's left of that
bruised, rotten
once a shiny crimson,
Teachers, friends, even I
glanced up at the healthy
tree of that mind,
saw its shiny promise,
wanted to climb up, snatch it
taste it, greedy for a purpose
pure and uncorrupted.

What has caused
this plague of your body,
diseased from the inside,
seeping corrupted pus
through your orifices
to form invisible boils
on your skin?
What has caused this
acute maturation of

This cancer
infects more young people than HIV,
causes dazed, half-opened eyes,
a shuffling, sauntering step
and a lethargic demeanor
which saturates the air;
You're a human garbage dump
and I can smell you from here.